Social Media Agency: What do the first weeks of cooperation with the social media agency look like?

The beginning of cooperation is one of the most important moments of working with the client. It is during this period that the account meets the contact person on the side of the company, learns the most important issues related to a given brand and industry, as well as sets the goals of given cooperation and estimates potential effects. You can also check our post to get more information.


Of course, the first weeks are also giving appropriate access to existing accounts on social media or setting up completely new ones, if the activities were not carried out before.


You should not forget about such elements as the brand book or top-down identification arrangements, because these are the main guidelines for graphic designers and post descriptors. We need to know how the brand communicates with the world, what tools it uses and whether it has, for example, fixed colours with which it identifies.


In some cases, it is also a list of values and an in-depth description of the brand. All this should be given to the account before starting cooperation to make sure that the materials are created in accordance with the rules.

At the very beginning, after providing appropriate guidelines, our graphic designers prepare branding, which will be framed graphic creations, publications and advertising. 


The client prepares:


  • Brandbook with guidelines

  • Access to advertising account

  • Access to social media accounts

  • Accurate explanations regarding the business environment 

  • The most important goals he wants to follow

  • Communication plans if there is a pre-prepared vision


The social media agency deals with:


  • Branding preparation

  • Providing Facebook Pixel tracking code

  • Advertising account configuration

  • Preparation of a communication plan and activities

  • Creating a preliminary publication schedule

  • Analysis of the existing advertising account


What does the contract with a social media agency look like?


The contract is a formal part that guarantees both parties to perform a specific service. Thanks to it, customers know what to expect in cooperation, and which elements require additional consultation. We do everything to make such a contract profitable for both the client and the agency.


Such arrangements help to determine whether the cooperation is about a comprehensive service or, e.g. only creating advertising creatives. Based on it, we will clarify where the photos come from, who provides them and whether an additional service is needed here - e.g. a session with a photographer.


You may also want to think about moderating comments and private messages. If this is the agency's task, we specify the range of hours during which such service is carried out. Depending on the client and his business profile, we set a range from 10am to 4pm or 9am to 5pm (we also have the option of being on duty at unusual hours, for a correspondingly higher rate).

Does the social media agency account for the effect?


In this case, the answer is very simple - no. In the vast majority of cases, we do not agree on achieving a specific goal, which would be to acquire a certain number of fans, publish a given number of posts or generate a specific sale, after which appropriate settlement with the agency will take place. The basis for settlement is a fixed remuneration (the so-called flat fee) and a percentage for servicing the media budget. 


Please note that we operate on a living organism, which is social media. We know them well and know how to navigate them. However, our work is influenced by external factors, such as constantly changing algorithms, regulations, website policy, new functions or rules of advertising formats.


However, this is not all - sales are influenced by a huge number of factors, far beyond the agency's responsibility. From what the sales process looks like on the website, to how the client's employees serve buyers in their branches - it all adds up to the final result. 


However, we can forecast the effects, in the case of industries such as sport, fashion, health, finance and gastronomy - most accurately.


After the first 1-3 months of active advertising, we'll be completely clear how much to invest to generate a profit.


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